Thursday, 4 October 2012

Our Kitchen Message Board

We really needed a kitchen message board but I couldn't find one anywhere that had everything that I wanted. We decided to make our own and here's how it turned out.

It has fabric pockets for mail, cork board, a calendar, and magnetic chalkboard sections.

Here are some more pictures of the whole board.

I made the Cooks' Kitchen (my fiance's last name is Cook, so I thought this was kind of funny) sign the same way the I made the Give Thanks Sign. In this case, I didn't go over the letters with grey paint. I liked the more faded look for this project.

This next picture shows my absolute favourite thing about this message board.

The frame lifts up, so when I get bored with the look of this board, I can change things around without have to make a whole new board. I already want to change the fabric of the fabric pockets. We used a piano hinge along the top and added a latch to the bottom of the frame to make this possible.

Here are  a couple of pictures the board being made.


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