Monday, 22 October 2012

My To-Do List

I've been trying to be more organized lately and so I decided to make myself a To Do list. I wanted to make it something that I could reuse over and over again so I decided to use post-it notes to write the things I need to do. That way when I finish something, I can take that post-it note down and there's room for a new note.

I used an empty picture frame that I got from the antiques store. It was gold plastic to start and I painted it with chalk paint. It was my first time using the chalk paint and I was really impressed with how well it covered the frame. It only took one coat, and hardly any paint at all. I loved not having to sand or prime anything before I started to paint.

 I used a piece of cardboard as the back of the frame and covered it in scrapbook paper. Then I used six squares of different scrapbook paper (cut to the size of post-it notes) to give me six spots to put my To-Do notes.

I like this set up because it lets me see all of the things that I'm working on that week at a quick glance. It's a nice feeling to pull a note off when I've finished something. It can get overwhelming when I think of all of the projects that I want to complete in the future so having this list is a nice reminder that I'm actually getting somewhere. Writing this blog works in a similar way for me. I like to look back and see everything that I have accomplished so far. I'm really enjoying it.


  1. You are doing amazing things. I really enjoy checking on your projects.