Monday, 8 October 2012

How I made the doll house

As promised, here is exactly how I made my small bathroom cupboard into a doll house.

Remember what I started with...

Since I used the door of this cabinet for my vintage hanging rack, I needed to make a new door for the doll house. I used a piece of wood panelling to do this (it was the perfect width). I used a dremel tool to cut the holes for the windows and doors. I saved the door cut out, painted it red, and used it as the actual door.

 Once everything was cut out, I gave the whole thing a coat of primer.

To make it easy to paint the piece of panelling, I used push pins to raise it off of the table. Here's a picture of that.

 Once the primer coat was dry, I painted the outside of the dollhouse with two coats of dark grey paint.

I painted the floor of the doll house with brown acrylic craft paint. Originally, I was going to paint them a solid brown. As I was applying the brown paint, I noticed the my paint brush line kind of looked like wood grain, so I went with it. I started along the back wall of each room and pulled the paint brush toward me. I lifted and replaced my brush part way to give the look of separate pieces of wood in each line. Here's a picture of how it turned out.

Next, I added some detailed trim (that Alex helped me mitre cut) around the windows and door. I painted the trim with ivory spray paint and attached them using wood glue.
I used hinges to attach the front of the doll house and more hinges to add the red front door. I mod podged scrapbook paper as the wall paper (you can see in the following pictures) and added some curtians. I think it turned out really well and it wasn't difficult to do at all. I'm looking forward to finding some more furniture and accessories to add to it.


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