Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ottoman Tutorial

As promised, here is a step by step tutorial of how I made an old coffee table into an ottoman. Here's a quick picture of how the ottoman turned out.

I started with an old coffee table and used spray adhesive to add a piece of foam (that I cut to the right size) to the top of it.

I prewashed the fabric that I wanted to use (about 3 metres in total) and cut the pieces that I need to make the main part of the slipcover. I added an extra inch all around to allow for 1 inch seams. I decided to make a slipcover rather than stapling fabric right onto the table so that I will be able to wash it. I also wanted the fabric to reach the floor so that I can hide things like toys and magazines underneath of it.

Once these peices were cut, I pinned them (inside out) right over the table. You can see that the fabric doesn't quite reach the floor. It didn't need to beacuse I am adding some pleated fabric around the bottom to look sort of like ruffles but not hopefully not too girly...

Next, I sewed this part of the slipcover together and crossed my fingers and hoped it would fit.

To make the bottom part of the slip cover I cut strips of fabric that were one inch taller than the height that I wanted the ruffles to be (so that I could sew a finished hem on the bottom). I attached three of these strips together to make one long strip that would wrap all the way around the ottoman when it was folded into the pleats.

Next, I folded up the bottom edge of the entire strip, ironed, and sewed it.
Then I pinned this long strip onto the main part of ths slipcover and decided where I wanted the pleats to be. I wish that I had more of this fabric so that I could make the strip even longer and then I could have added more pleats but I didn't want to go out and buy any more fabric for this project.

 Next, I sewed the pleated strip right on to the main part of the slip cover.

I sewed a pice of trim right on top of where the pleated skirt meets the main slipcover to give it a more finished look.
And that was it. Here are a couple of pictures of the ottoman in our living room.


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