Thursday, 19 September 2013

Entryway Bench

One of my latest projects is an old TV cabinet turned into a hallway bench with lots of storage. It took many coats of paint, but in the end I love it. I don't have room for this piece in my own entryway but  when I explained what I was working on to my brother, he said he could use it. I'm happy it found a loving home!

 I actually found this stand on the side of the road and felt like it still had a little more life in it.  Here are some before pictures:

I ended up leaving the doors off  and having open storage for shoes and baskets to hold mittens and scarves etc. I gave the piece a coat of primer and multiple coats of light grey paint.
I added some shiny wallpaper into the two side cubbies to add a bit of interest. I had never used wallpaper on a piece but I was happy with how easy it was and how it looks in the end.

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