Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Valentine's Inspired Chalkboard

Valentine's Day is approaching, and I wanted to do a few little decorative things around the house. This chalkboard is the first thing I did. I am no artist, but I am happy with how my first real chalk-art project turned out.

This chalkboard actually started out as a mirror that I bought from the antique store. I didn't really need another mirror, but its shape and size were perfect for one of the walls in my kitchen. I painted the mirror with chalkboard paint and added the chevron burlap bow.
It is hanging on the small piece of wall between the entryway to the sunroom (on the left) and the entryway to the dining room (on the right).
I kept the frame and ribbon fairly neutral so that I can change up what's written on the chalkboard whenever I feel like it. This is a good thing because I am already on my 3rd attempt at decorating this wall and the kitchen renovation isn't even finished yet (as you can tell from the missing light switch cover in the photo above). 


  1. I have a chalkboard, too and I'm always trying to think of something cool to put on there. The problem is, I'm not an artist. I could never do a drawing like you did foar Valenatine's day, so I keep running out of ideas. Oh well, I guess I'll have to stick to writing down my grocery

  2. Sorry about the typos. My fingers were on a roll.

  3. love that - chalkboard art and word play and all kinds of cute :)